Grady Rentals wouldn't exist if it wasn’t for our complete dedication to oilfield safety. Our employees and their families rely on it, and we won't let them down.

We know that our customers feel the same way. And in the oil industry, it's not just lives that are on the line: environmental safety is essential to staying in business. Because oilfield safety is one of your top priorities, it's ours too. We're happy to share specifics about what we're doing to keep our employees—and yours—safe at work.

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Safety Record

  • Three-year average total recordable incident rate – 0.87
  • Three-year average experience modification rate – 0.81
  • OSHA violations – 0
  • DOT Compliance, Safety, Accountability – Satisfactory


  • Lockout Tagout
  • OSHA Respirator
  • FMCSA – HazMat
  • Red Cross – First Aid, CPR, AED, Bloodborne Pathogen
  • OSHA Loader
  • Skid Steer

Our Safety Standards

The founders of Grady Rentals made a commitment to oilfield safety when they started the company, and that commitment remains one of the key pillars of our organization. We maintain the highest safety standards at all of our facilities, and we can help you bring the highest standards of oilfield safety to your job site.

We focus on safety in three key areas:

Employee Safety

All Grady Rentals employees are trained in a range of safety procedures and follow strict safety protocols at all of our facilities.

Job Site Safety

When our operators bring our equipment to your job site, they bring their training with them. All of our skilled equipment operators are knowledgeable about oilfield safety, the risks that come with working in oil basins and how to minimize those risks for everyone on site.

Environmental Safety

We're familiar with the oilfield safety regulations required by the government, and Grady Rentals is prepared to help you meet or exceed environmental safety standards.

Is safety one of your biggest values? We share that commitment.

Our equipment is carefully maintained and thoroughly inspected before being sent to each site. Our staff carries safety documentation to every site, so you and your employees can feel confident that your safety standards are being met.

We're ready and willing to help you grow and succeed in your business in whatever way we can. Contact us today to talk about how a partnership with Grady Rentals can help you cement a position as a leader in the oil and gas industry.

Reach out to Grady Rentals today to learn more about how we can help you run your operation safely.

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