It began, like so many oil stories do, in Texas.

Grady Rentals started small, providing oilfields in the Lone Star State with oil and gas equipment and services. As our expertise grew, so did our reputation for excellence. Today, Grady Rentals manages oilfield equipment rentals in eight states throughout the South, Midwest and Eastern United States. Our presence in all active fracking regions allows us to offer reliable and experienced support to the leaders in the oil and gas industry.

We're committed to two things above all else: customer satisfaction and strict adherence to the highest safety standards.

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Grady Rentals is a one-stop shop for the oil and gas industry. We handle delivery, setup and equipment operation so you don't have to. We use only the best equipment, and we only work with the oil and gas industry, which means all of our employees are specifically trained to work in this field.


Our customers choose Grady Rentals not just for our extensive inventory of oilfield equipment rentals; they choose us because of our highly skilled and experienced operators. Using Grady Rentals gives our customers the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the job will get done right the first time.

Rapid Mobilization

With locations in Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wyoming and Colorado, Grady Rentals can provide oilfield equipment rental services to all the major oil basins, as well as to anywhere in the United States. We know how even a short shutdown can hurt your productivity and bottom line, so we're ready to mobilize quickly and get you set up with our equipment as quickly as possible.

You have enough to deal with on the job site. Leave the equipment to us.

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